hopin evveryone had a decent time celebratin earths day a lovve or wwhatevver

sol an i didnt get to spend it together but wwe did wwork some stuff out an it made the rest a the wweekend amazin plus wwe got to spend the latter part a saturday together an go to dinner wwith our friends wwhich wwas great

i actually wwent to an evvent wwith fef an the condesce an jade an jake wwhich wwas an interestin ride let me tell you fef looked beautiful a course but the condesce has a vvery small earth car im not sure howw she stands it cause i felt cramped the entire time an she kept threatenin to abruptly brake an launch me through the front wwindshield 

thankfully sol an jane took me home cause i wwasnt too sure if i wwould a survvivved goin back wwith her

i got fef an the condesce an sol roses for vvalentines day an i also got sol some jewwelry cause im slowwly convvertin him to my taste in nautical themed accessories

im plannin someday to decorate a large part a our hivve in nautical stuff cause sol refuses to livve vvery close to the beach but he knowws howw much i wwould miss it so hes bein pretty understandin in that respect

its been a nice wweekend though i sent sol a link to that neww maroon fivve song daylight or wwhatevver cause it came on the radio an i just instantly thought a us but he told me it makes him leak from his orbital sockets wwhen he hears it so i ended up feelin a bit bad for havvin sent it to him 

i think my favvorite part a saturday wwas wwrappin him up in my cape wwith me an swwayin together wwithout any music just gettin to look in each others eyes an kiss an hold one another i couldnt stop grinnin practically from fin to fin but sol said it wwas cute so i guess its okay i wwas bein a lovve struck goober grub i dont evven knoww i just cant control howw happy he makes me at all

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some seahorse jewwelry i picked up wwhen sol an i wwere in long beach i havve no shame in wwearin these out evven if theyre a bit long

some seahorse jewwelry i picked up wwhen sol an i wwere in long beach i havve no shame in wwearin these out evven if theyre a bit long

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last concert snippet from muse

i really can not express howw much i enjoyed this i havve nevver been to a concert before an to get to see this particular band for my first wwas just incredible i still find myself in a bit a stunned stupor thinkin that i got to actually go to this an i wwill nevver forget howw special it all wwas an that i got to spend such an evvent wwith sol its just goin to be one a my favvorite memories 

so thanks again sol so much i cant tell you howw much it meant to me to get to go wwith you to see them i lovve you an im so glad you shared this wwith me


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so this one got sol an i in a mushy sort a mood an a bit silly because the lighting wwas in our complementary colors the entire song an it just fit too wwell

more muse concert snippets just sit back an enjoy

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more muse concert snippets


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so this wwas some a the openin that muse did at their concert an i havve to say i wwas enthralled evvery single beat a the wway an evvery light flicker wwas entrancin an excitin i havve nevver seen anythin like it before or it wwill alwways stand as one a the greatest memories a my existence i really cant evver thank sol enough for givven me an opportunity like this to see a band i havve adored for such a long time it wwas incredible an if you evver get the chance to see them you need to do it im goin to add a feww more snippets a recordins on here for you to get a taste a wwhat they offer but trust me muse is a band you need to see for yourself because they are incredibly talented people an they wwill bloww you awway


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thought i wwould share some recent pictures a my hop beast wwith evveryone just because hes the most adorable beast on this little planet in my royal opinion an anyone wwould be honored to get a glimpse a him

he likes to burroww under fabric lately blankets an my scarf wwhen he gets the chance

i havve some commentary to post regardin the muse concert but i need to head out for a bit so ill do that later on

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so sol is treatin me to a concert in twwo days to see muse an i am so excited i knoww a lot a their songs an absolutely lovve their music plus ivve nevver been to a concert like this before an gettin to go wwith sol makes it that much more meaninful

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ii thiink iif eriidan never mentiioned me iin hii2 po2t2, you guy2 would thiink ii fuckiing diied or 2omethiing.

ii’ve been bu2y, but mo2tly ju2t un2table iin a fuck full of way2 and haviing two deal wiith a fuck load of garbage ii could or could not have avoiided by not beiing me, ii gue22.

ii diid two much retarded fiightiing wiith my mate2priite, and ii want two 2top that thii2 year. ii fought wiith my guardiian, whiich ii2n’t unu2ual, but iit wa2 pretty much every other week, and we had a couple na2ty fiight2 that ii thiink have left me wiith a permanent back iinjury. the 2chool thiing ii2 at lea2t goiing well, when my guardiian ii2n’t houndiing and 2tre22iing me out about iit, but ii’ve been doiing 2o much codiing and 3D 2hiit that ii thiink iit2 fuckiing up my hand2 and wrii2t2. ii need two do 2omethiing about that.
on top of that we got a 2hiit ton of holiiday hour2 at work, 2o on top of haviing a full time 2chool 2chedule- even though ii 2peciifiically a2ked two not have that 2hiit -ii wa2 workiing about 30 hour2 and haviing two break up two fiight2 on Black Friiday ( and you human2 call u2 2avage2 ). 

on top of all that ii’ve been mentally and emotiionally not all there, 2o…yeah, that would explaiin a liittle of my ab2ence and my lack of artii2tiic driibbliing2 all over thii2 blog.

man ii don’t even know why you guy2 are even here 2tiill, or maybe iit’2 becau2e of eriidan. ii 2hould probably thank my fii2h priince22 for that. 

ii don’t have any new 2weep re2olutiion2. miine ha2 alway2 been, and forever wiill be, two get through the year wiithout dyiing or anythiing. but ii gue22 ii can iinclude tryiing two relax more, whiich mean2 more triip2 out two 2ee eriidan, 2iince he’2 u2ually the only thiing that doe2n’t make me want two griind my face agaiin2t a wall lately ( the fuckiing iirony of that ii2 2tiill throwiing me for back fliip2 ).

at the very lea2t ii can leave you guy2 wiith le22 mu2tard blooded biitchiing by mentiioniing that eriidan and ii 2pent a weekend together at one of tho2e weiird conventiion thiing2, where human2 dre22 a2 troll2 and troll2 dre22 a2 human2? ii 2tiill don’t get that, but whatever, he got me 2ome 2hiit two wear even iif necklace2 aren’t really a male thiing, but the damn thiing2 are growiing on me now. and admiitedly, the 2hell thiing2 are pretty neat.

The key wa2 actually my thiing. eriidan ha2 a lock two go with iit, you know, becau2e of mu2hy bull2hiit couple rea2on2. and al2o becau2e the riing he gave me 2eem2 two have fucked off two gog know2 where. ii feel really bad about that, but ii’m 2tiill lookiing for iit iin hope2 that iit’ll re2urface.

anyway, that’2 about iit from me. my work 2chedule ii2 back two 2hiit hour2, and my 2chool 2chedule ii2 30 hour2 of computer 2hiit a week, 2o ii may actually have tiime two draw agaiin.

tiill then, ii gue22.

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its the end of the first day a the neww swweep

i havvent made any sort a resolutions wwhatsoevver its just been too busy to evven stop an think about that sort a thing to be honest

but i suppose noww that i havve a moment i should consider wwhat i wwould like to do differently this year

firstly im goin back to school so to speak an wwhile im not takin any courses in my specific field a study yet im at least gettin the generic stuff i wwas missin before out a the wway so i think my first resolution a sorts wwould be to devvote myself to my studies appropriately 

secondly i wwant to communicate wwith people better especially wwith sol wwe fought too much this past swweep an wwhile there are twwo sides to evvery story i knoww that for my part i need to be sure he understands me an wwhat i need from him evven if it means i havve to be blunt about it i generally dont like to be implicitly curt an brisk but if i need to be blunt im just goin to havve to start doin so little by little

lastly i wwant to wwork on my health physical as wwell as emotional an mental ivve been so completely stressed an frayed the past feww perigees i can hardly do anythin wwithout gettin injured or slippin my emotional grip an its been a wwhile since i could completely relax an enjoy myself not that wwork isnt important but i havve to find wways to relax an enjoy myself again

so those are my goals for the neww swweep i hope evveryone else has success in meetin their owwn

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